Interactive Reopening Map

We have compiled guidance from governors and public health officials about workplace closing and re-opening plans. Each jurisdiction provides this information independently based on local COVID-19 infection rates. Though much reopening guidance is shared across borders, certain policies vary county by county, such as the requirement for face coverings and health screenings, and the number of employees and visitors that are permitted onsite. The interactive map below provides state by state official reopening guidance.

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Frequently Asked

How do I determine which of my employees should be able to return to the workplace?

It's important to gauge whether any of your employees may have recently tested positive for COVID-19, have been exposed to COVID-19, are currently exhibiting symptoms, or may be at higher risk of exposure and transmission. Based on an understanding of these important factors, you can make a determination of who, and when, asymptomatic and likely COVID-19-free employees may return. As a next step, make sure that you do not have a number of individuals onsite that exceed county guidelines.

How frequently should my employees be tested for COVID-19?

It is recommended that your employees are tested for COVID-19 at least once, and preferably at fixed intervals (e.g. monthly), to ensure that you are able to trace possible exposure and spread of COVID-19 at your workplace.

What if my company is essential and never sent our employees home?

Having a return to work policy is even more important for your business, since your workers are unable to avoid the health risks presented by a shared workplace.

Do I need to implement a contact tracing protocol?

Although not required for most businesses, it is highly recommended that you have employees test for COVID-19 regularly, and report symptoms daily. In addition, it is important to log which of your employees are onsite for applicable shifts or on a given day. By doing so, you will have information that enables you to quickly analyze and notify members of your team that may have been exposed to COVID-19 at your workplace.

If someone is infected, how long do they need to stay at home?

A self-quarantine of 14 days is recommended.

Should I perform temperature checks at my workplace? Who should be checked?

Yes, it is highly recommended that employees log their temperatures on a daily basis before entering the workplace. An efficient way to ensure that temperature checks are actually conducted and logged appropriately is to have these checks performed onsite at the entrance to your workplace. It is important to check as many people as possible that enter the workplace, including customers and visitors. Of course, not all businesses can expect to check the temperature of every customer or visitor, and in certain cases where a high volume of visitors are expected onsite, a business might consider establishing a meeting point for guests and visitors outside of the physical workplace. Risk tolerances vary, and this guidance does not apply to all businesses.

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