Our approach

Our team of entrepreneurs includes attorneys and physicians who are dedicated to simplifying the way we approach decisions involving law and public policy.

Navigating a return to work while considering the threat COVID-19 presents a significant challenge for a business operator —  relevant information and guidance is disaggregated, often in conflict, and constantly changing. However, decisions based on this information are extremely impactful, and directly affect the health and safety of workers and members of their communities. At Enatic, we embrace this challenge and seek to simplify the process.

We build products that help employees get back to work, and help business operators make intelligent decisions relating to employee health and safety. We approach this problem by assessing business needs, risk tolerances, and applicable guidelines through streamlined interactions. With the most up-to-date information at our disposal, we provide businesses with strategic insights and products to implement policies, train employees, and enforce best practices.

If you are a business operator, you have enough to worry about right now. Our mission is to help you maintain workplace integrity and mitigate risk relating to COVID-19.

Our inspiration

Our families immigrated to this country in pursuit of new opportunities and to provide a better life for their children. They worked hard, built successful businesses, and found success in the pursuit of the American dream. These small businesses are at the forefront of driving innovation, jobs and economic growth and they hold an important place in our upbringing.

Small businesses and the thirty million jobs they create — a higher share than larger private sector employers — are disproportionately vulnerable to job losses due to COVID-19. Worse, these job losses would inordinately affect those that that can least afford to lose an income stream, since workers in the highest risk industries, such as food service and accommodations, have lower wages and educational attainment.

We all know that business owners and their employees are eager to get back to work, but doing so in these trying times presents a few hurdles. The rapidly changing guidance from public leaders around when to re-open a workplace and how to do so safely has resulted in confusion for business owners — even before you consider that local, state and federal regulators often present conflicting guidance.

We started Enatic to make the return to work process and related decision-making a bit clearer and easier, and we would like to lend a hand to businesses, and their operators, who do not have an opportunity to independently seek expert counsel. While not every decision can be simplified, we believe that extremely important ones relating to employee health and safety must be considered by every business operator, and we are here to help.

-cofounders, Nik Talreja and Sugam Arora

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