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Generate a complementary return-to-work policy for your business in minutes. We've made it easier to protect your employees and your business by tracking US federal and state reopening guidelines. Get started with a brief company assessment and we will generate a customized policy for your business.

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Get Back to Business Quickly and Responsibly

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Reduce your potential liability

If you are a business operator, deciding when and how to return to the workplace is no easy decision. You may have questions about potential liability should anyone in the workplace contract COVID-19. Adopting a Return to Work policy and taking reasonable steps to mitigate your team's risk of exposure to COVID-19 can help offset this risk. Enatic creates a policy for your business and can help you navigate the steps ahead so that you do right by your employees and mitigate risk for your business.
covid liability policy creator for small businesses
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Keep your
employees safe

We partner with employee health & safety experts and top physicians to develop comprehensive evidence-based guidelines for you and your team. In addition to developing our own guidelines, our team works tirelessly to stay up to date on the rapidly evolving landscape of local, state and national  return to work guidance. We anticipate numerous COVID-19 infection waves, and our intent is to keep businesses informed, compliant, and safe in this ever-changing environment.

Adapt to a changing landscape

Across every single industry, business operators are subject to wide-ranging guidance on how to best protect their staff, customers, and visitors. We provide simplified workplace recommendations based on the latest policy guidance and considering your company's risk tolerance. In addition, we update our policies, and notify our members, as recommendations and guidelines change.

*this guidance is subject to change, but the policy we generate for you will be automatically updated

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Customer Stories

Working with Enatic to protect the residents and staff of Goodlife's adult care facilities was a breath of fresh air. We were bombarded with information from so many sources and it was just too much to understand. They helped us by developing a policy, finding us quality PPE products at a fair price, and ultimately recommending how to bring our people back after a positive infection or exposure. I recommend them without reservation.

Alex Nixon
Owner of GoodLife Residential Homes

Enatic is a key business partner that I highly endorse. Shelter in place orders took my restaurants by storm, and we were scrambling to quickly redefine operations. They take on the burden of navigating conflicting and ever changing information so you can focus on day to day management. Enatic is essential to peace of mind and time savings for owners and operators committed to staying compliant and safe.

Amanda David
COO of The Great Maple

Enatic is my go-to for workplace safety and compliance. With Enatic’s guidance, I put a return to work policy in place in minutes and aligned my team on how to return to work safely. Thanks for saving me hours of time and ensuring that I am doing right by my team!

Robert Petrarca
CEO of Maxine's Heavenly

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